38. DARIUS - Sweet Mama

DARIUS - 'Sweet Mama' (Chartmaker CSG 1102) 1969

I remember buying a bootleg copy of the Darius album back in the mid 80s and being decidedly disappointed with it but I suppose during that time I was only interested in 60s garage. I just did not know where Darius was at, yeah he looked a cool cat on the sleeve with his long hair and dressed in black but his music just wasn't my scene.

Thankfully, over the years my tastes have changed somewhat and I highly recommend this set, full of Darius original songs and played beautifully by Hollywood's finest session musicians, including Jerry Scheff (bass), Toxey French (drums), Ben Benay (lead guitar) and Mike Deasy (guitar) in other words Darius was back by Goldenrod. Check out their psych fest album also on Chartmaker.
The album was recorded at Harmony Studios, Hollywood sometime in 1969

Darius has a vocal style similar to Arthur Lee on some tracks and was obviously influenced by the Love sound. It's a shame that the album sank without trace and even today Darius is largely unknown. German label World In Sound reissued it in 2001 with some bonus cuts. 

DARIUS - Sweet Mama (stereo)


  1. Excellent song and style ! I saw recently something about this picture sleeve (I don't know where), and had the opportunity some years ago to be introduced to the name Darius by a friend, so it's a great surprise to listen to.
    ...Yes it reminds me Arthur Lee too, but not just him.
    Something also reminds me of The King verse, you know, this superb US garage band (re) discovered an edited by Sundazed, some years ago.
    Anyway, thanks for this.

  2. I relate to what you said about hearing this music in the '80s and not really getting into it. It's interesting how our perspective on music can change over the years. In the '80s when I first started digging deep into the '60s rock, I was completely fixated with the really "psych" stuff from around '67-'68. Whenever I would encounter something more "garage" from '66, or something more "hard rock" from '69, it wouldn't interest me as much. But now, I absolutely love all that stuff: garage, psych, hard rock...

  3. Although I have owned this album
    for more than 30 years, it was only after reading Colin's comments
    did I realise how much like Love it sounded. A fine album, but I think that this is the best track.
    Darius was Robert J. Ott and he died in 2006.


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