50. TIME OF YOUR LIFE - Ode To A Bad Dream

TIME OF YOUR LIFE - 'Ode To A Bad Dream'/'You Make Me Feel So Good' (Ionic Records 101) Sept 1966

Time Of Your Life were an obscure group of teenagers from Long Beach, California whose claim to (none) fame was this super cool garage psych swinger on Ionic Records outta Hollywood. It has been confirmed from several online sources that the drummer in this combo was John Christensen who was also a member of Opus 1 of 'Backseat '38 Dodge' infamy. That record made my Los Angeles select 50 in 2010.

According to the liners of Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes #1, the flip of this 45, a version of The Zombies tune 'You Make Me Feel So Good' was actually by another group called The Town Cryers, but a mix up with the record labels meant that Time Of Your Life were credited with both sides.

This mistake was confirmed by noted garage expert MTM when I posed the question on the G45 Forum recently. He interviewed John Christensen some years ago and he suggested that The Town Cryers could have been an earlier Bob Renfro group. The latter wrote 'Ode To A Bad Dream'.


  1. You're off to a great start with this one! That psychedelic guitar freak-out that comes in at about 1:30 took me by surprise... Love it!

  2. Your online sources are wrong the drummer for the Time of your life and on this recording was Fred Torromeo.


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