46. THE BYRDS - The World Turns All Around Her

THE BYRDS - 'The World Turns All Around Her' (Columbia PC 9254) recorded August 1965

Soon after arriving back home in Los Angeles after their 1965 UK tour The Byrds were in Columbia Recording Studios, Hollywood laying down tracks for their second LP.
One of the first songs they recorded was 'The World Turns All Around Her', another Gene Clark gem that is a sadly neglected masterpiece. I always marvel at just how perfect The Byrds sounded on record and this song is simply pop at it's purist.

'The World Turns All Around Her' was released in December 1965 on the album 'Turn Turn Turn' but somewhat surprisingly overlooked for 45 status.

THE BYRDS - The World Turns All Around Her

The Byrds - KRLA Beat - August 1965

A genius at work


  1. Brilliant choice!!! When I bought the Turn Turn Turn album back in
    '68 I thought that this was the finest track on there, and I still do. Gene was a true genius.


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