45. EDDIE HODGES - The Water Is Over My Head

EDDIE HODGES - 'Love Minus Zero'/'The Water Is Over My Head' (Aurora 156) Oct 1965

Eddie Hodges is probably better known as being a child actor from the late 50s/early 60s but having moved to Hollywood to be at the heart of the movie industry he found himself in Folk Rock City just at the right time and was signed up as a recording artist releasing several records that fall below my radar.

His cover of Dylan's 'Love Minus Zero' proved popular enough to get him an appearance on Hollywood A Go Go, the clip has survived and has been uploaded to You Tube. Eddie looks really neat and tidy and fairly uncomfortable to me as go go dancers weave their magic behind him.

Far superior is the surf styled folk rock beat of the flip 'The Water Is Over My Head' written by Al Kooper and Irwin Levine. This tune would have been better suited as the plug side as it was for The Tokens and The Rockin' Berries who had a Top 40 hit with it in England.

EDDIE HODGES - The Water Is Over My Head


  1. A great pick. The subtle surf flavor and Jack Nitschke production radiates California sunshine!

  2. I really am enjoying this LA selection. Another great discovery from this enigmatic singer. Worth checking out is his original version of Tandyn Almer's "Shadows and Reflections" produced by Ed Cobb, which is on a par with the Action's sublime version!


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