44. OCTOBER COUNTRY - My Girl Friend Is A Witch

OCTOBER COUNTRY - 'My Girl Friend Is A Witch'/'Just Don't Know' (Epic 5-10320) April 1968

This Los Angeles group had regional success with their debut 45 'October Country' (also recorded by The Smoke) and had in their corner Michael Lloyd of WCPAEB & The Smoke fame who wrote the majority of their songs, arranged, produced and played on all of their recordings.

Most of October Country's music is lush orchestrated pop, a Michael Lloyd trademark of course, but 'My Girl Friend Is A Witch' is something of a departure and a rather cool psych rocker. Lloyd re-recorded 'Witch' in 1969 for feline cartoon Cattanooga Cats.   

OCTOBER COUNTRY - My Girl Friend Is A Witch

white label copy sent in by Jim W

Group logo

KRLA Beat - January 1968

words from back sleeve of October Country LP

Billboard - April 1968


  1. A perfect little uptempo psych-rocker... Love that cold ending... Makes you want to press play and hear again immediately!

  2. There's a great promo film up on YT. Don't miss it.


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