43. MAGNUM OPUS - Up From The Sea

MAGNUM OPUS - 'Up From The Sea'/'Nothing But Time' (VMC Records V 737) late 1968

Here's a very obscure psychedelic record by Magnum Opus on Los Angeles label VMC Records, a subsidiary of Vance Music Corp established by Steve Vail during late 1967. Their roster always recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders.

However, I know nothing about Magnum Opus and bought this record years ago because The David recorded for the same label, so I decided to take a chance. 'Up From The Sea' is a pleasing psych rock performance with hippie lyrics with the repeated line,

"We're recently up from the sea."

John Guess is credited on both sides of the label as arranger, producer and songwriter. So maybe no band existed and the fruits of labour on this 45 are a John Guess solo studio recording. He is probably the same person who engineered a VMC album by Dennis Olivieri called 'Come To The Party'. He is also credited as the engineer and producer of the 1971 album by Sundance.

MAGNUM OPUS - Up From The Sea


  1. I really dig this. Love that fuzztone, and what a cool ending. Thanks

  2. It is always great to make a new discovery, and this is a killer, many thanks as ever Colin.


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