41. THE BUSHMEN - What I Have I'll Give To You

THE BUSHMEN - 'What I Have I'll Give To You'/'Baby' (Dimension D-1049) June 1965

Next entry in my Los Angeles select 50 for 2011 is this powerful double sider from The Bushmen on the short lived Dimension label. They released records from 1962-65. The Bushmen were a four piece that included William D Lincoln and Hamilton Wesley Watt. David Potter may have been the drummer but I'm not 100% certain.

Check out the European picture cover of this 45, The Bushmen looked a motley crew. 'Baby' is a raucous R&B blast of sonic bliss that screams outta my speakers and is a version of a song The Sorrows released in England during April 1965. Somehow The Bushman obtained a copy of this record and expertly recorded it adding a seedy mix of L.A. swagger.

The jangler 'What I Have I'll Give To You' sounds like a different outfit as the music is poles apart. This time around The Bushmen are in folk rock mood and produce another winner more in keeping with what was happening on the Strip.

William D Lincoln and Hamilton Wesley Watt also recorded material together in The War Babies, The Word and Euphoria. William D also wrote songs for The East Side Kids and collaborated with Bernie Schwartz on his studio album 'The Wheel'.


  1. Those Bushmen are some tough-looking dudes...

  2. Another one of my all time faves! Thank you once again!!!!!!!


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