THE BOSTON TEA PARTY - 'Words'/'Spinach' (Challenge 59368) June 1967

The Monkees version of 'Words' was also released in most markets during June 1967, although they first recorded the song way back in October 1966. The demo version from Boyce & Hart was recorded even earlier during August '66.

The Boston Tea Party version of 'Words' probably pre-dates The Monkees hit having an earlier release on the small Los Angeles label Big Boss before being picked up by Challenge. Maybe the label should have considered 'Spinach' on the flip, as their plug side as it's a psych highlight with a freakadelic organ sound.

The Boston Tea Party originated from Burbank and were successful enough to release a few more 45s and an album on Flick Disc. I'll probably write about the group again at some point but until then hear their 'Words'....

Mike Deperna (keyboards)
Richard Deperna (bass)
Travis Fields (vocals)
David Novogroski (drums)
Mike Stevens (guitar)



  1. I see that this was produced by Foy Willing and his name rang a bell. He had a band called the Riders of the Purple Sage who were in many B-western cowboy movies. Foy would have been in his 50's when he produced this.

    He was a pal of Gene Autrey, also famous for his B-westerns and owner of the Challenge label.

  2. I particularly dig the bass line on this version -- and the very Doors-ish organ interlude that appears mid-song.

  3. After hearing the Monkees version for the last 30+ years or so, this was hard to appreciate. But after I listened to it a few times I have deduced it might in fact be the more interesting version. Thanks for the post and opportunity to hear this.

  4. Impossible to beat The Monkees version...

  5. You are 100% correct, the Monkees version can't be beat!!

  6. Thanks for this one.
    I think my favourite is the one by the Leaves, never on a single but to be found on their first LP.

  7. Late last night I finally came up with the name of the band that played live at my 8th grade graduation party, The Boston Tea Party. I had been racking my brain to think of their name. My dad was friends with Foy Willing and the song might have even been recorded at my dad's recording studio in Hollywood. So fun to find this online!!!! All the kids were wildly impressed that this band and the song they played, Words would play on the radio. Fun times. Wish I could thank them today!!!

  8. Thanks for dropping by Fredde and sharing your story...


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