THE YOUNG IDEA - 'With A Little Help From My Friend'/'Colours Of Darkness' (Columbia DB 8205) June 1967

The Young Idea were a songwriting duo who had a big hit with The Beatles' 'With A Little Help From My Friends' in the Summer of 1967. It reached #10.

Tony Cox and Douglas Macrae-Brown penned the far more interesting flip 'Colours Of Darkness'. This side is a well produced pop psycher with touches of the baroque with the sweetening strings and finger cymbols.

This hit record gave them the opportunity to record an album which was released in '68. The cover shows the duo jazzed up in their new Kings Road threads and Small Faces haircuts. They just look like a couple of posh kids in trendy gear to me though.

Footnote: the title of the song under review lent it's name to a volume of Rubble in the early 90s.

THE YOUNG IDEA - Colours Of Darkness


  1. I obviously spent too much time in the 60's listening to US psych, and missed out on this soft gem. Yet another great find Colin!


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