THE V.I.P.'s - THAT'S MY WOMAN - Part 2

THE V.I.P.'s - 'That's My Woman' (Funtona V 8600) bootleg LP

'That's My Woman' never saw a release in Britain but it was the flip of 'Mercy, Mercy',  a 1966 single released in USA. It also featured on a bootleg German EP from the 80s.
The song was also recorded by The Nashville Teens who released it on Decca in January 1967.

The V.I.P.'s treatment of 'That's My Woman' is a raw fuzztoned blast and at just over two minutes is short enough to be perfect for radio. Sadly, probably few people would have heard it's power at the time. 

THE V.I.P.'s - That's My Woman

German EP