THE V.I.P.'S - Every Girl I See (Funtona V 8600) bootleg LP

One of the very best R&B/soul groups to come out of England during the mid 60s were The V.I.P.'s. They emerged during the beat boom in the small town of Carlisle. This place was obviously far too small for their talents so they re-located (like most groups) to London.

The V.I.P.'s were hugely respected on the circuit and played all of the premier London venues such as the hip The Scotch Of St James Club. They went largely ignored by the record buying public in England though despite some strong single releases. They had loyal followings in Germany where they were regulars at The Star Club in Hamburg during 1965/66 and in France where they released three EPs. Much of the material on these EPs never saw any release in Britain.

'Every Girl I See' is one such mod mover with a slightly trippy production that was hidden away on a French EP.

The V.I.P.'s called it quits in early 1967 but soon returned as Art then changed their name again, this time to Spooky Tooth.  

V.I.P - Straight Down To The Bottom by EXPO67

THE V.I.P.'s - Every Girl I See

French EP from 1966