THE V.I.P.'s - DON'T LET IT GO - Part 3

THE V.I.P.'s - 'I Wanna Be Free'/'Don't Let It Go'/'Smokestack Lightning' (Fontana 460.982 ME) October 1966 - French release

'I Wanna Be Free' b/w 'Don't Let It Go was released in Britain during October 1966 but flopped. I actually prefer the soul ballad of sorts 'Don't Let It Go' on the flip but overall I know that The V.I.P.'s had much stronger material that Island could have put out.

The French EP on Fontana added a pedestrian version of Howlin' Wolf's 'Smokestack Lightning' which I've never cared for no matter who records it. It's just one of those songs that doesn't get me stirring with any interest.

THE V.I.P.'s - Never Let It Go

German release


  1. Once again sir you are killing it with some great 45's! I used to have this one, stupidly sold, along with one of the French E.P.'s! it's wild that they had a much bigger output on the Continent. There's a live Paris '67 clip on YouTube, have you seen it? Must've been shortly before they morphed into Art (also a very cool band).

  2. I have seen that clip from French TV recently and it certainly inspired me to write about The V.I.P's.

    I'm kinda going through a UK beat/freakbeat phaze for the first time in years, maybe even a decade. I bought most of the Brit 45s and LPs when prices were still reasonable. They were all still quite easy to locate at Record Fairs and through Record Collector dealer lists over here in the 80s.

    Ebay spoiled all that of course.


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