PAUL NICHOLAS - 'Reggae Like It Used To Be'/'Lamp Lighter' (RSO 2090 185) March 1976

Paul Nicholas is best known in Britain for his acting roles in theatre and on TV, although few people probably realize that he was a member of Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages in the early/mid 60s. Soon after he became a solo performer releasing several singles as Paul Dean and Oscar. He then moved into acting in the late 60s playing lead roles in stage productions of Hair and Jesus Christ Super Star.

Curiously, in 1971 a Paul Nicholas 45 was released in some European countries. 'The World Is Beautiful'/'Lamp Lighter'. This single did not get a release in England.
However, in 1976 Paul Nicholas started releasing records again in the UK and 'Reggae Like It Used To Be' reached #17 in the charts. As you can imagine the majority of recordings in 1976 were terrible and not worthy of my investigations or breathing space on my site.

The flip 'Lamp Lighter' is a memorable late 60s early 70s rocker with a tinge of psychedelia. This song happenend to be the flip of that 1971 European release I mentioned earlier and sounds like it was recorded from even earlier. 'Lamp Lighter' was written by Paul Nicholas (label shows Paul Beuselinck which was his birth name) and moves along nicely with those basic drum beats, wah-wah guitar and some fuzz. The song is short and in my opinion ends far too quickly. The guitar solo in the outro sounds great and I could have listened to more.

PAUL NICHOLAS - Lamp Lighter


  1. Love the sitar-sounding wah-wah guitar! Definitely a premature fade out on this one. I was liking where it was starting to go there at the end...

  2. Agreed = we're on the same wave length


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