THE OPEN MIND - 'Magic Potion'/'Cast A Spell' (Acme AD451038) originally released on (Philips BF 1805) August 1969

About 10 years ago the small independent label Acme reissued the ultra rare LP by The Open Mind and with it came a bonus 45 of 'Magic Potion'. The stereo mastertapes were used for the release, although the original 45 has the mono mix.

Back in 1967 they were known as The Drag Set and their mod beat winner 'Day And Night' was released on the CBS subsidiary Go. By '68 they had changed their moniker to the more progressive sounding Open Mind and signed to Philips.

'Magic Potion' was their second single after the flop 'Horses And Chariots' but once again fame and fortune failed to materialize and The Open Mind would remain unknown until those Bam Caruso Rubble compilations in the 80s.

'Magic Potion' attacks the senses with loud fuzz embellished with a twin lead guitar barrage. It also pleases with it's wah wah phase during the instrumental break. Quite astonishing really!

Mike Brancaccio - Guitar/Vocals
Timothy De Feu - Bass
Phil Fox - Drums
Terry Martin - Guitar/Vocals

THE OPEN MIND - Magic Potion

Timothy De Feu

scan taken from 45cat


  1. God I loved this on first hearing back in the '80s on the Psychedelic Snarl comp - and still do! Thanks for reminding me! Great pix too.

  2. Great stuff, one of the crown jewels of "The Psychedelic Snarl" as already commented upon and also one of the first bands back then to get an LP reissue back in the 80's (Antar was the label I think?).

  3. That's a rockin tune man - very good production for the time. Check out this interview:

  4. Have the lp reissue.
    ...The french Grenfish well covered the song live and on their second album (CD only, 1993).
    See :


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