LOS CANARIOS - 'Peppermint Frappe'/'Keep On The Right Side' (Sono Play 20.051) 1967

'Peppermint Frappe' is a strange psych soul mover with a great guitar riff and maximum brassy bursts. The vocals are powerfully delivered over the mod backbeat. The song at times veers towards full blown psychedelia but twists and turns in a danceable manner. Probably why 'Peppermint Frappe' is popular at mod events (so I've read).

Both songs were recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London during June 1967. Not a great deal has been written about Los Canarios but I believe that they were from the Canary Islands, Spain.

LOS CANARIOS - Peppermint Frappe


  1. So obscure! I like the strange kind of take on a 'Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' style cover... so very 1967!

  2. EXCELLENT stuff you've been posting lately sir! Haven't heard this track in a good many years!


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