THE JAM - 'Art School' (Polydor 2383 447) May 1977

I don't often post YouTube promo videos on my site but I'll make the exception with this one from The Jam. It's strange that they bothered making a promo when 'Art School' wasn't released as a single. It was however, the lead track on side one of their debut Polydor album. What a start!

'Art School' would have made a great single and was ready made for the radio in dullsville England 1977. It's a punchy three chord punk blast but quite obviously rooted in 60s beat. I hear freedom and rebellion in this song, youth was about to take over from those long haired bearded twats in progressive rock groups. Hearing this now still makes me want to kick down some doors or break some windows just for the sake of it. But I'm now in my mid forties and I don't think 'Er Indoors would be too pleased.

The line "Don't need permission for everything that you want" sums up Weller's rebellion neatly. I was only 12 years old in 1977 when I first saw The Jam performing 'All Around The World' on The Marc Bolan Show. The image stayed with me ever since. I knew then that this was not the typical Top Of The Pops tripe I'd put up with for years. Plus my parents hated the 'noise'.....that was it, enough said! It was noisy fast music for me.