DANTALIAN'S CHARIOT - 'Madman Running Through The Fields'/'Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud' (Columbia DB 8260) September 1967

The short lived psych group Dantalian's Chariot released their one and only record during the Summer of '67. The epic 'Madman' is now rightly regarded as one of the finest recorded examples of English psychedelia with it's heavy use of studio trickery such as backward tapes, fade-ins, weird sound effects and a trippy dream sequence. Despite being well received, including a 'Single Of The Week' in Disc & Music Echo, the 45 bombed, along with (as it turned out) any hope of Dantalian's Chariot releasing a follow up.

The gentle psych of the flip 'Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud' is beautiful sonic lysergia that is just right for June in England. As I write this (here in Old Blighty) we've had heavy overnight rain and indeed the sun is now bursting through the clouds. An absolutely perfect mellow ballad.

"Sunlight came bursting through my cloud

Breaking daylight through the misty shroud."

Record Mirror review - 02/09/67

Disc & Music Echo Review - 02/09/67

Dantalian's Chariot played ultra hip London hang-out's like Middle Earth and the U.F.O.

Dantalian's Chariot wore white clothes and played white instruments to enhance the visuals as they played bathed in their glorious technicolour light show


  1. a really magically perfect tune!
    -tried my hand at a cover on my first alvin...

  2. Congrats for having such good taste to make your own version of 'Sun Came Bursting Through The Cloud'... I listened to your recording and it's very good and completely in tune with the stripped back and basic original.

  3. I've loved the B-side 'Sun Came Bursting' for awhile. They say the weather here is so much like England's so maybe that has something to do with it.


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