THE ATTACK - 'Hi Ho Silver Lining'/'Any More Than I Do' (Decca F.12578) March 1967

Tha Attack, led by teenage lead singer Richard Shirman, were one of London's premier white soul groups. They got a deserved repution on the live circuit playing hard driving soul covers (that were unknown at the time in England) at hip hang-outs like The Marquee and Blaises. However, on record, they were a different kind of combo delivering art-pop psychedelia and blistering beat music (now tagged freakbeat).

A debut 45 'Try It'/'We Don't Know' released in January 1967 surprisingly flopped. Soon after, The Attack recorded their second single for Decca in February and according to Richard Shirman (interview in Ugly Things #25) they all thought that 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' would have been their break through pop hit. Sadly, delays at the pressing plant meant copies of the record were slow to hit the shops and Jeff Beck's version stole a march and became a huge hit.

The Attack's version of 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' is at the very least a match for Jeff Beck's and with a proper advertising campaign and organised distribution would surely have brought The Attack a deserved hit. As it was, the record stalled although John Peel played the flip on a regular basis on his pirate Radio London show where he utilized 'Any More Than I Can Do' as one of his jingles.

'Any More Than I Can Do' is a freakbeat classic with a blistering guitar break from an eighteen year old called Davy O'List. According to the liners of the Bam Caruso/RPM CD 'The Attack - About Time', O'List was approached by John Mayall to become one of his Bluesbreakers when he was hustling around the London talent for a new lead guitarist. That job never materialized and he eventually ended up in The Nice after The Attack's first line-up of the group broke up soon after this 45 flopped. Drummer Alan Whitehead returned to Marmalade.

THE ATTACK - Any More Than I Do

probable line-up of The Attack at the time of 'Any More Than I Do' L-R Richard Shirman (vocals) Bob Hodges (organ) Gerry Henderson (bass) Davy O'List (lead guitar) Alan Whitehead (drums) 


  1. Oooh Oooh! Thank you for posting this one. Possibly one of the best freakbeat numbers ever! I had this 45 (a US copy on London Records) but I sold on Ebay a few years back. Boy am I regretting that decision.........


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