JACQUES DUTRONC - 'Mini-Mini-Mini' ((Disques Vogue EPL 8461) June 1966

In France, Jacques Dutronc is now a national treasure but in the 60s he was a Superstar. His good looks, high cheekbones and blue eyes helped enormously. So did his fabulous mod clothes.
Jacques' first record was this four track EP, all of which were sung in French (why not that's where he's from). I don't speak French and don't have a notion what he's singing about but I dig the sound and that's what's important to me.

All of the cuts on this EP are very primitive and quite crude in their recording. I can hear a strong Bob Dylan and Troggs influence particularly on 'Mini-Mini-Mini'. In France the EP sold approx 300,000 copies (can you imagine that!)


comment from a reader:
Hi, I just discovered your fantastic blog today and as a french guy I
was naturally attracted by the Jacques Dutronc section !
Just to say it’s a pity you don’t speak french because lyrics by
Jacques Lanzmann are really the key to understand why Dutronc was so

It’s obvious the music is great but it’s only half of the thing.
I say that because I read you was wondering about « j’aime les filles
the clue is not only he sang with a crooner voice to mock the
genre but all the way through the song there are references to hip
night clubs or places like Megeve and St Tropez and so on ( in les
play boys too) and the pun at the end « telepnonez moi, telephonez me
is funny too.
Dutronc/Lanzmann’s era is a topical reference to the 66/68 era, and
typically parisian.
If you could have the lyrics translated you would discover a new
perpective in the understanding of those masterpices.
All the best.


  1. et moi et moi et moi was covered by the Mungo Jerry under the title "alright alright alright" but the original song is much better as you can imagine!

  2. Just come across your blog - great stuff. I knew nothing about Jacques Dutronc until reading your posts, but it caught my eye as I'd previously seen a clip of him doing 'Et moi et moi et moi' on the German 'Beat Club' programme on which it really stood out!

  3. Restaurant in New York owned by Daniel Boulud uses this song Mini Mini Mini on its website.


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