JACQUES DUTRONC - 'La Fille Du Pere Noel' (Disques Vogue EPL 8497) October 1966

The enormous success of the first Dutronc EP made a follow up an obvious one and the four songs on this disc mirror much of his debut. There is a more garage sound though on two of the tracks, for instance 'On Nous Cache Tout, On Nous Dit Rien' there's some neat fuzz guitar and there is compact organ utilized on 'Sur Une Nappe De Restaurant'.

The only song not compiled on the recent Dutronc 'Best Of' EP released on RPM is 'La Fille Du Pere Noel'...not sure why the compiler didn't use it but it's got a satisfying Bo Diddley backbeat with Dutronc's lazy Dylan style vocals. Too good to miss.

JACQUES DUTRONC - La Fille Du Pere Noel


  1. Hi Colin, thanks for your nice comment on the Wrong Words! if you enjoyed the song, the LP is a pretty good deal i think

    it's strange to not have put "la fille du père noël" on the RPM comp'. In France it's one of the most famous Jacques Dutronc's songs (with "les cactus" "les playboys" or "il est 5 heures du matin") and it's also a great one.

    Someone (i can't remeber who) quite famous here in France did a funny cover of "la fille du père noël" mixed with "jean génie" of Bowie, wich is quite similar!

    Among my personal favorites of Dutronc you have "hippie hippie hourrah" wich was covered by the Black Lips in the recent years, very nice song with a melody inspired from a traditional song from britany , a kind of drinking song. The Dutronc song was about the bandwagon hippies: people wich became hippies because you could sell more discs but not because of their own convictions.

  2. This record with "Les playboys", nº1 in France, nº30 in Germany, nº32 en Holland, is the best seller EP for Dutronc. His CD best seller is "Dutronc au Casino" (760 000).
    A belgian group, Été 67, sings "On nous cache tout, on nous dit rien" (I think it's possible to see in youtube).It's possible to hear public versions of "La fille du père Noel" and "Sur une nappe de restaurant" in the last record of Dutronc, "Et vous, et vous, et vous".

  3. Thanks for your input Alex and Alain


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