GILES STRANGE - 'Watch The People Dance'/'You're Goin' Up To The Bottom' (Boom 45-60.022) Nov 1966

The Strangeloves hit big in mid 1965 with the classic 'I Want Candy' and had a couple of hits afterwards but by the turn of '66 the trio of Bob Feldman, Richard Gottehrer and Jerry Goldstein were mainly writing songs and undertaking production work for other bands.

An exception was this cool two sided winner from Giles Strange a.k.a. Jerry Goldstein that had all of the right commercial moves but went nowhere. He wrote, arranged and produced both sides of the disc and in a perfect world it would have been a smash. It's quite a difficult record to locate and is relatively unknown and uncompiled.
The 45 was also released in England in December 1966 (Stateside SS 570) but missed the charts and probably never got near a radio playlist.

GILES STRANGE - Watch The People Dance

Billboard Spotlight - December 1966


  1. love the subject matter in this song - how hard life on the road is; the monotomy, the adoring girls boyfriends dirty looks, the lack of creativeness!! No wonder the strangeloves sent out impostors to be them whilst they stayed in the studio.


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