THE BANANA - 'She's Gone' (Norton ED-289) rec 1967

The Norton label vinyl comp 'Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things' is an essential release full of rare and unissued Virginia garage from 1964-67. The real find for me is an acetate by The Banana on which they have crudely recorded The Velvet Underground's 'There She Goes Again' and a memorable folk jangler called 'She's Gone'.

The fascinating story behind The Banana can be found in Ugly Things #24. Amazingly, the group were a combo assembled from American soldiers serving in Vietnam during 1966-67. Leader Dean Kohler had previously performed in a Portsmouth group called The Satellites but then got drafted to kill the yellow man.

While in Vietnam he some how cobbled together a group, pitched a tent and hooked the instruments up with a generator and proceeded to record some songs live using bamboo microphone stands.  
'She's Gone' is a sublime Kohler original and a fitting reminder of The Banana's ingenuity.

THE BANANA - She's Gone