UNITED TRAVEL SERVICE - "Echo Of You" / "Gypsy Eyes" (Ridon 860) November 1968 

I've written about this Portland, Oregon, outfit before but since I'm writing about timelapse jangles "Echo Of You" is next up for review. Both sides are sublime psychedelic folk rock interludes brimming with 12 string guitar and ideas. They were recorded at Ripcord Studios in Vancouver on March 16th, 1968.

Since I last wrote about The United Travel Service several members have been located who have provided much needed information, photographs and other ephemera. Break-A-Way Records even gathered together an albums worth of unreleased recordings including the four single sides.

This follow up 45 on the Ridon label is not easy to find, you'll have better luck tracing a copy of "Wind And Stone". A few years ago 12 string jangler John Reeves was interviewed over on 60sgaragebands.com Here's what he had to say about 'Echo Of You'.

"On the ‘Echo Of You’ we used a Leslie speaker for the 12-string, giving off a very unique sound.  We also used a metronome, and in the middle, I rushed into the room with stuffed animals playing Brahms, Bach and Tchaikovsky tunes.  We used a chain across a piano and used a cello bow over the 12-string toward the end to fill out the sound.  I loved the creativity of the recording studio." 


  1. Not to nitpick, but the interview is at 60sgaragebands.com, not garagebands.com.


  2. I agree one of the Coolest bands on earth - I myself am contemplating covering 'Wind and Stone' at some point.... either that or I may be "inspired " by the jangley freakout in the mid-section.

    Amazing band.

  3. I wonder if anybody like me mistook the band for a N.Y. one? As my copy of their 1st 45 is on Rust I thought for ages that they were from the east. It was only when I noticed the mention of Ridon (home of the wonderful New Tweedy Bros) that I realised that they were West Coast.


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