THE TROPICS - 'For A Long Time'/'Black Jacket Woman' (Thames Records T-103) 1966

The Tropics were one of the leading bands to emerge from the Tampa Bay scene that included The Rovin' Flames, The Roemans, Hoppi and the Beau Heems, The Savages and The Outsiders. This rather GREAT! double sider is my favourite 45 that they released mostly because it has an abundance of glorious jangle.
'For A Long Time' written by songwriter Travis Fairchild has all the elements I dig in a 60s garage record (ie) punky vocals, jangle guitar, cool musicianship and production as well as lyrics that are full of fucked off attitude.

For a long time you've been hangin' me 'round
I tell you girl I ain't your clown
I tell you girl I ain't gonna hang around....for a long time.

'Black Jacket Woman' is a slow tempo folk rocker, very Byrdsian in song structure and melody. I could listen to this type of coolsville all day and all of the night. The Yorkshire Puddin' and Zone V also recorded versions.
Both songs were produced by Jim Sessody and Vince Palmer.

An excelent interview with Buddy Pendergrass (guitar/organ) from The Tropics can be found in Issues 1 & 2 of a fanzine called Kaleidoscope.


  1. Colin.... this is amazing, I'm a big fan of The Tropics... btw have you got some sort of will sorted out for these 45s for ummm later in life???

    don't worry I asked Marty and Mole the same question hahaha


  2. Definitely some great songs! One correction, though -- Travis Fairchild was one person, the leader of the Clefs of Lavender Hill. His songs were also recorded by the Echoes of Carnaby Street and Squires V.

  3. Yes, thanks for pointing that out. I got a bit lazy with the research.

    I've got that Echoes Of Carnaby Street 45 and I've been meaning to write about it for years!


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