THE TEARS - 'Rat Race'/'People Through My Glasses' (Onyx 2201) January 1968

The Tears are probably best remembered (if at all) for their fuzz ravin' non hit swinger 'Weatherman'. I first heard it on the compilation LP 'Sixties Choice - Volume 2'. It took a long time for their follow up 'Rat Race' to get some comp action, then Big Beat put that situation right in 1994 with their CD 'The Scorpio Records Story'.

The Tears hailed from Sacramento and were a popular live draw in and around their home turf. Both sides of this disc were recorded in 1967 at Fantasy Records Studios in San Francisco. The record was slated to be released on Scorpio Records at the tail end of '67 but the release was shelved when the label was sold.

'Rat Race' and 'People Through My Glasses' are powerful fuzzadelic tunes heavy on the fuzz and organ in equal measure. Listen out for some mind bending studio trickery. File under COOL!

THE TEARS - Rat Race


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