SOUND CARNIVAL - 'I Wish I Could Tell You'/'Dreams' (Afton Records 1703) Sept 1967

This is such a beautiful record by a group I know nothing about so hopefully if anyone reads this and knows more details be sure to get in touch.
According to Barry Wickham's Price Guide, Sound Carnival hailed from Morton Grove, Illinois and that is backed up when Gear Fab released the CD collection 'Psychedelic States - Illinois Volume 1. I don't have this CD, but maybe there are notes about the group provided here?

'I Wish I Could Tell You' is a delicate tambourine pop jangler with gorgeous melody and background vocals. The drummer offers a basic rhythm and the most drum rolls I've heard in a song. It's a pretty scarce record and virtually never shows up. This side has not been officially compiled before but I did place both on my Timelapse Jangle Revisited comp from 2010.

The flip 'Dreams' is another winner and appeared on that Psychedelic States release.

Afton Records also released two other necessary 45s.... The Gnomes 'The Sky Is Falling' and The Five Bucks 'No Use In Trying'.

SOUND CARNIVAL - I Wish I Could Tell You

I have recently been contacted by Mark Fisch who played rhythm guitar for The Sound Carnival. Mark has provided some invaluable information about his old 60s group who have remained largely unknown and forgotten since they disbanded in 1969.

(Mark Fisch - Sound Carnival band members )
"I was not a founding member of the band. They were:

Sam Siegel - Lead vocals
Dick Stock - Lead Guitar
Bob Opdyke
(later replaced by) Pat Burns - Rhythm Guitar
Jim Geinko - Bass
Dick Miles - Drums

I replaced Pat on rhythm guitar sometime in 1967.

We added a keyboardist, Jim Price after the record was released.

Right around spring of '68 or '69 Dick was replaced by Bill Schultz, Jim Price by Bill (?) Flossie, and Dick Stock left & I handled leads until we broke up sometime in 1969. Sorry I am hazy about dates & maybe spelling of some names.
Steve Phlam joined after Dick Stock left & took most of the leads on guitar. I stayed mostly on rhythm. The memories keep coming slowly back. I'm sorry to say I don't recall ever having any pictures of the band.

(Mark Fisch - gigs and other information)
The record was number 1 in Springfield, Illinois for 2 weeks, and 1 week apiece in Lincoln IL and Muncie IN! Were were offered gigs after the release, but because we were all under student draft deferments, we could not neglect our full time student status unless we wanted to be playing the clubs in Viet Nam.

We played only about 3 or 4 dates a month, most at NIU. Our management contract with the three Chicago businessmen gave them half of what we made, providing that they got a minimum of $600 for a date. $50 each group member was good money back then. They had to pay our transportation costs or provide transportation for most of the gigs they arranged, mostly in Chicago.

On a number of occasions, they picked us up at school and drove us in their 3 Cadillacs to wherever. They drove us up to Alpine Valley Resort in Wisconsin to play live on WIND AM radio out of Chicago  because the station was sponsoring the resorts winter carnival, and they were the only Chicago station which gave the song air play. I believe we recorded at Chess in Chicago, but the studio may have changed hands by then. One of the things I am fuzzy about after 44 years.

We were allowed by contract to book our own jobs and keep all the money providing our dates didn't conflict with anything they arranged, and that we charged under $300. These were not professional people and didn't book all that many jobs, probably less than 6 or so. We ended our relationship with them before the band broke up, but again, this is fuzzy. Most of our gigs were dances at NIU, fraternity parties, etc that we booked ourselves for $299.99.

I have not kept up with the other band members. I had a chance meeting with Jim Geinko about 5 years ago, and until today, nobody I know had a copy of the record.

I became a middle school science teacher in Evanston, Illinois, retired June 2008, moved to a retirement community near Orlando, and play in an Oldies cover band for the seniors here on Sundays, and work part time at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort. We do not play I Wish... or Dreams".

Sound Carnival - Dreams by EXPO67


  1. FYI, there is no further information included on the Psychedelic States - Vol. 1 compilation.

    1. FYI: this company is not paying royalties, so think twice about buying their product.
      --Dick Stock

  2. OK thanks - they remain a mystery then.

  3. I was in contact with a band member about 5 years ago but he wasn't forthcoming at all in providing information.

    'I Wish I Could Tell You' is an absolute favorite of mine...and better than the comped flipside.

    1. We're happy to be forthcoming. Ask away....
      --Dick Stock, lead guitar

  4. That's a shame he wasn't forthcoming with information. some of these old 60s musicians are a little wary. Don't know why but it happens to me often.

    1. Hi, Expo, How can I help you?
      -- Dick Stock, leader Insex/Sound Carnival

  5. One of the many highlights on the terrific "Timelapse Jangle and Revisited" CD's, a lovely beguiling track, that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

  6. I spoke with one of the members back in the '90s, and got the (story - not much of one,really) if I can find my notes I'll send along the info.

    1. Hi, Mike....that was me you spoke with. Can you please email me: thanks :-)
      --Dick Stock

  7. We (the band)were all students at Northern Illinois University. During the summer of 1967 the band had a summer job at a resort in Wisconsin. The resort owners became our managers and paid for the recording session. we played jobs in Chicago as well as NIU. WE changed rhythm guitarists,drummer, and added a keyboard player before breaking up late 1969 to early 1969.

  8. Thank you for getting in touch with that information about The Sound Carnival.
    Of course I'd love to know more about the band such as names of members, who played what instrument etc. Also, did any photo's survive from 1967-69?

    If you want to email me any information please do so at:

  9. Anonymous is correct that the band was comprised of students from Northern Illinois University, but the band actually formed during our Feshman year (1965).
    Dick Stock and Sam had gone to High School together in Morton Grove, Dick Miles was from Elmhurst, Jim from Glenco and I (Bob Opdyke)was from Oak Lawn. Pat replaced me when I moved East and ultimately joined the Navy.
    I will forward our first publicity photo and a group of four pictures taken at a Catholic girls college in St. Charles, IL. We started by playing fraternity and sorority mixers on campus and were one of the top bands on campus by the end of the year. Today, Dick Stock is in the music business in California, Sam has PHd and counsels troubled youth and runs ultra marathons and I'm a CPA in Dallas. I understand Jim is in the Chicago area, but I have totally lost contact with Dick Miles. In high school Dick Miles was a recognized percussionist. The inside of his drum case had rows of blue ribbons that he won in various competitions.

  10. Hello Robert
    Thanks for getting in touch and updating The Sound Carnival entry.

    Of course Iwould be delighted if you could share any photos etc. I'm so glad I've got more information about your old band. Such a great 45.

    1. Check Sound Carnival's FB page, guys.
      Contact me for any info:
      --Dick Stock


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