THE SATANS - 'Makin' Deals'/'Lines And Squares' (Manhattan 801) May 1966

Absolute genuis record by a group that has so far avoided much recognition, I'm sure that would change if information was known about them. It appears that The Satans hailed from Fullerton, California and were produced by Sidewalk Records guy Bob Sommers who also produced records by The Sweets, The Unforscene and 18th Century Concepts (I'm sure there's more).

With a name like The Satans and a song about selling your soul to the Devil I'm not sure that 'Makin' Deals' would get much radio play. But it's such a strange world that 45 years later I'm posting it on my blog without such unneccesary censorship. When I checked the £ to the $ rate this morning (something I do everyday since I buy records from USA) it was 1.666. Now that was surely a sign to write about The Satans.

check out these lyrics from 'Makin' Deals'

"Like I said before
I'm the man that makes the deals.
I make them for your soul
Whatever you feel.
So sign your name
On the dotted line
Give you what you want
But your soul is mine."

The flip 'Lines And Squares' is less intimidating but it's still a cool folk rocker and well worth hearing.

THE SATANS - Makin' Deals


  1. The Fullerton, CA connection was sourced from me back in the mid 90s. I tried to find these guys for over a decade. The only names I have are Mike Murphy and Randy Stewart. Both resided in Fullerton, CA. "Makin' Deals" got a Record World pick to click mention.

  2. I always had it that these cars were a Louisiana band thanks to the Eva comp and the distribution address on the label. What's the chance that these cats were a studio creation? I'm guessing pretty high.


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