THE NIGHT CRAWLERS - 'Want Me'/'Feel So Fine' (Feathered Apple FA-6510) issue from 1966 acetate

When American teenagers went into the recording studio during 1966 armed with their guitars, drums, a fuzzbox, a farfisa organ and enough swagger & attitude to make Mick Jagger look like a choirboy, the results were invariably 60s punk classics...

The Night Crawlers cut some songs at CBS Studios in Chicago that sadly never saw the light of day until someone unearthed an acetate of 'Want Me'. It then ended up on garage comp 'Back From The Grave - Volume 8... I never really took much attention to the song on that release and it wasn't until Mark Taylor sent me a copy of his homemade CD collection G45 Unwaxed that 'Want Me' hit me like a sledgehammer.

The fuzz and farfisa overload packs a powerful punch and thanks to Switzerland re-issue label Feathered Apple, vinyl lovers can have 'Want Me' on a 45 where it surely belongs.
My copy is one of the few that came with a pic sleeve.

The other songs recorded at CBS Studios but ignored and never released were the flip on the acetate 'Feel So Fine', 'Dandelions', 'Chimes Of Freedom', Just Like Romeo & Juliet' and 'Shoulder Of A Giant'. Maybe in the future these 'lost' recordings will see the light of day.

I recently made contact with Night Crawlers organist Marc Reigel who has granted my wish to use pictures of his group on my site.