THE HAZARDS - 'Tinted Green'/'Hey Little Girl (C'mon Let's Live)' (Unicorn 23793/4) 1969

Every now and again I become obsessed by a song and at the moment the song doing my mynd some pleasurable damage is 'Tinted Green' by The Hazards.
I've not got this rare 45 and have never seen it offered for sale via dealer lists etc. I checked popsike and a copy in 'worn' condition and full of noise sold for almost $1600. That kind of price is an indication that it's a sought after disc and beyond scarce.

'Tinted Green' has been compiled just the once on the vinyl only release 'Highs In The Mid Sixties - Volume 21, Ohio, Part Two'. The record used for that compilation sounds like it's in poor condition. There is loud snap, crackle and pop from start to finish. I've uploaded an MP3 from this disc in all it's crackling glory, I didn't bother to clean the wav file only boosting the volume to make it sound much louder. 

So why do I think 'Tinted Green' is killer? Well, just listen to that eerie farfisa organ high in the mix and loner garage psych vibe. Now that is just a fantastic sound. According to Barry Wickham's Reference Guide, the 45 was pressed in 1969. That may be so, but the sound is not the usual heavy rock sound of '69. What would you rather have, Led Zep or The Hazards? I know who'd win out in my EXPO67 world.

I spent some time researching The Hazards but wasn't having much luck until I crashed onto the Buckeyebeat website. Here is that entry in full: 

Location: North Jackson, 1966-70
This group was formed by two sets of brothers who lived in the truck stop communities of North Jackson and Berlin Center. The oldest member had been playing since the early 60s in small combos using the name Peppermint Twisters but in 1966 the official Hazards formed, originally under the name Saints of Soul.

The band didn't have much opportunity to play live as there were very few places to play. In 1967, 23 year old Chuck Tomich from nearby Ellsworth joined the band as keyboard player (he had been Western Reserve High classmates of the drummer some years ago). Chuck took his military severance pay and bought the band new equipment and changed the name to The Hazards. Chuck wrote a couple songs, using the pen name Jason C. Lee, and the band went to United Audio and recorded the garage psych masterpiece "Tinted Green", which reflected Chuck's disillusionment about his Vietnam War experiences. The excellent "Hey Little Girl" was originally intended for the A-side.

The band got the tapes to Bryte Star in Newbury for release and distribution. The band was told that at least 2500 copies were sold, but due to the record's extreme rarity, that seems like a con job (about 2490 copies must be in a warehouse somewhere). Copies of the record were distibuted with a picture insert. The Hazards didn't last long, as three of the members were well into their 20s and a couple wanted a steadier gig. Chuck Tomich hooked up with a couple Youngstown area musicians in a short lived band called Group Therapy before forming Blue Amber.

The Hazards - this original 45 in 'worn' condition sold on Ebay in September 2010 for $1593

Hazards - Tinted Green by EXPO67

THE HAZARDS - Hey Little Girl (sent in by Ad Zwaga)


  1. Hi Colin,

    I really like both of the songs - and looking out for a good sounding version of both tracks.

  2. Hi AZ54 - I've never heard the other side before. That song is on Project Blue Volume 3 which I don't have.

  3. Another great unknown psych delight, total brilliance from start to finish! I have Blue Amber's ultra heavy guitar cruncher "We Got Love" written and arranged by Chuck and recorded at United Audio - I found it on Brain Shadows Vol 1, but this is a lot better.

  4. Led Zep or the Hazards....yep, put me down for the Hazards too. Cool and mysterious record, one of the best from the horrible year of 1969...not a lot of competitors... outside of a couple bubble gum things the year was completely barren.

    R. hummel

  5. Great site, I found it accidentally while I was searching infos on this beautiful song, accidentally discovered on youtube. Now i'm trying to play it with my organ (I'm nearly obsessed by it from the first time i heard), but I don't understand all the lyric. So someone of you have 2 minutes to write it here, please?? Thanks!!

    Tommy B.


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