THE GUILLOTEENS - 'I Don't Believe'/'Hey You! ((HBR 446) August 1965

This entry is the first in a three part look at The Guilloteens HBR singles. They hailed from Memphis and were fortunate to have 'The King' as a supporter who used his contacts to get them a regular booking at the Red Velvet Club in Hollywood.

Now that they were in Folk-Rock City and making money and meeting girls, the next step was to find a record label to release their sounds. This came in the unlikely form of HBR, a recently formed label mainly associated with cartoons.

The Lewis Paul Jr original 'I Don't Believe' was their first 45 and sold well in Los Angeles. The song is notable for it's dense production and solid lead vocals by Lewis. It's interesting to note that The Guilloteens recorded an earlier demo of 'I Don't Believe' with help from Phil Spector. This version was never completed when the group signed to HBR.
The Moonrakers released their version of 'I Don't Believe' on Tower Records.

The flip 'Hey You!' written and sung by Laddie Hutcherson is a solid Kinks style guitar rocker. The Guilloteens performed this song on Los Angeles TV Show Shiveree.   

THE GULLOTEENS - I Don't Believe

Billboard advert - August 1965

The Guilloteens - Number 26 KACY Radio Charts - August 1965