THE GANTS - 'Try Too Hard' (Liberty LRP-3455) July 1966

I first discovered The Gants via Pebbles Volume 8 ('I Wonder' was compiled) and so when Bam Caruso released a retrospective LP in 1988 full of Gants music it was a must have. One of these days I'll cover The Gants 45s on my blog in detail but for now I'll post 'Try Too Hard'.

'Try Too Hard', recorded in Los Angeles, is their version of the rockin' garage number written by Dave Clark & Mike Smith. Maybe The Gants were influenced enough by The Dave Clark Five to cover this fuzz ravin' gem. According to the liners of the Bam Caruso release The Gants toured with the English beat group during the early part of 1966.

'Try Too Hard' was a rare highlight on the LP 'Gants Galore' but sadly this smokin' tune was not released as a Gants 45 side.

THE GANTS - Try Too Hard