THE FIFTH ORDER - 'Goin' Too Far'/'Walkin' Away' (Diamond D-212) November 1966

Teenage group The Fifth Order hailed from Columbus, Ohio and their 1966 release 'Goin' Too Far' is considered a garage classic and quite rightly so. By late 1966, The Fifth Order had acquired a strong fan base due in most part to their wild gigs and lead singer Billy Carroll who had a stage presence that the girls went nuts for.

The group recorded the fruits of this 45 at a studio in Louisville, Kentucky. The chose two originals by songwriter Jack Sender (who was not in the group) and it was released on the small indie label Counterpart. Sales of the record went through the roof. According to the liners of the Break-A-Way retrospective from 2004, it sold upwards of 18,000 copies. It was a number 1 smash in Columbus and charted in Ohio and the Midwest.

Diamond Records then licensed it for national release but it didn't sell in the quantities hoped for. But good news for garage fans in 2011 because it's a fairly easy 45 to score. The flip 'Walkin' Away' has merseybeat moves and is another strong song with immediate appeal.


The Fifth Order - promo shot - mid 1966

pic from Buckeyebeat

Billboard article - October 1966

Fifth Order at number 28 on the Cincinnati WUBE radio chart


  1. This is incredible, Colin. 'You Say', 'I Wish I Could Tell You' and 'Goin' Too Far' are all among my favorite songs. We've obviously got very similar tastes in music. My favorite tune of all time is 'I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better' by The Byrds, and that jangly garage pop sound is what I seek out. Other favorites are The Improper Bostonians' 'How Many Teats', The Problem of Tyme's 'Back Of My Mind' and The Bearded Clams' 'I Wish I Could Be Here'. I really enjoy the work you're doing; The Avengers and Roosters pieces, among others, were fantastic.

  2. Oh yes indeed. The 12 string Rickenbacker sound is the one I've always sought out since the early 80s.

    You're a man of good taste.

  3. I'm so excited I found your blog!!

  4. Colin you never put a foot wrong! Yet another fantastic track, with it's wonderful 12 string, but the harmonies and song structure are really unusual and only add to the total pleasure of this masterpiece.


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