THE FIFTH ORDER 'Bonfire' (Break-A-Way 010) unreleased recording 1967

German re-issue label Break-A-Way Records release superior retrospectives of 60s garage bands and on most occasions find previously unused demos and studio recordings that for a mixture of reasons were never used at the time.

'Bonfire' would surely have become a sought after disc had it been released when The Fifth Order were one of the best groups in Ohio. This song written by Jack Sender is (in my opinion) as good if not better than the big hit 'Goin' Too Far'.... The group missed out by not releasing this killer but I've been collecting obscure 60s records long enough to know that bad moves and decisions hindered many teenbeat groups.

The Rickenbacker jangle is present along with those pounding bass notes ala 'Goin' Too Far'... Not only that but there's some subtle fuzz which is obviously killer kool but not loud enough in the mix for my tastes. The lyrics seem to describe a swingin' chick who's too hot to handle.

"She's a little bonfire leave her alone."

The following - take a bow:
Billy Carroll (vocals)
Jim Hilditch (lead guitar)
Jeff Fenholt (rhythm guitar)
Jeff Johnson (bass)
Mike Comfort (drums)
Gary Steger (rhythm guitar on 'Goin' Too Far)
Jack Sender (songwriter)