THE BEATLES - 'Yellow Submarine'/'Eleanor Rigby' (Parlophone R 5493) August 1966

It's been several months since I wrote anything about The Beatles but thought it appropriate to post 'Eleanor Rigby' today. The song was recorded during two sessions on 28/04/66 and 29/04/66, exactly 45 years ago!

'Eleanor Rigby' deals with depression, loneliness and death, subjects that were not normally associated with a pop song but The Beatles were so unique and ahead of their competitors during 1966/67. Indeed, Paul McCartney is known to favour his work on Revolver above most other material.

A double string quartet was used to build the ambience of this lament for lonely people and producer George Martin utilized violins, violas and the cello to great effect. These instruments were recorded very close to the microphone to give that dense aural texture, something never before tried according to Beatles Engineer Geoff Emerick.

THE BEATLES - Eleanor Rigby

USA release

Germany release

French EP

Italian release

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  1. There's an interesting faster, garagey version by US band AUGUST, from 1967...different but didn't prevent my 3 year-old son from recognising it!


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