THE ROBBS - 'Jolly Miller' (Mercury LP SR 61130) Nov 1967

Third entry on my blog for The Robbs, this time around an album track called 'Jolly Miller'.
As far as I know 'Jolly Miller' is a traditional folk song but the original composer is unknown. Dee Robb gets an 'arranged and adapted' credit on the back of the LP.

The Robbs version is very experimental considering their normal songs are pleasant pop and folk rock. Their adaption is classy Byrdsian psychedelia with strange weird noises and sound effects. Bliss!!

The back cover of my Robbs LP - much better than the ill advised front. Check out The Byrds sticker on my amplifier - very apt

The Robbs in the studio 1967


  1. Colin - this is really very good.... the back cover looks a bit mucho macho man for my liking though. hahaha

  2. You don't want to see the front... The Robbs look like they were aimed at the teen girl market.


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