THE REMAINS - 'Say You're Sorry' (Epic EP 9068) Spanish EP 1967

Unless certain records fall out of the clouds and into my hands I'll never own them. Take this four track EP by the legendary Remains that got a release in Spain. Over the years this record has become the holy grail for Remains collectors probably for the great looking picture sleeve that houses the black gold.

This was up for sale on Ebay this week for a wallet bursting $1300. It didn't sell, but one look at previous auctions sales of this EP suggests that the price wanted by the dealer wasn't that far off the mark. The record usually goes for approx $1200 on the rare occasions that it's offered for sale.

The music of course needs no introduction but my highlighted song 'Say You're Sorry' is one of The Remains more obscure recordings created in the studio on August 9th, 1966 in New York City.

THE REMAINS - Say You're Sorry


  1. As much of a collector as I am I am happy that I am not so into rare picture sleeves. Having a great sounding copy of the music is my first priority. Having said that though, it IS a really cool sleeve. Congrats on your 4 years of blogdom.

  2. Agreed, YankeeBoy. (Hey! I'm a Yank, too, though sadly misplaced to Cali.)
    I remember "Barry & The Remains" from listening WBZ when I was a kid. Got their CD in front of me now. Cost me about 1% of that single and it has 21 songs.


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