Here are 3 posters I created for my old pals garage band The Mourning After. There wasn't any money to go around to pay for professional artwork and it was in an age where no-one bothered with a computer and software packages were light years away so I drew them by hand in my bedroom with an HB pencil, some felt tips, then used a tube of Pritt Stick and a packet of lettraset to add finishing touches.

I would then go down to the local photocopy emporium and pay for 100 copies. These would then be posted on pub, subway and other walls of choice location to advertise the forthcoming gig. It was all very much a punk rock ethos of DIY. 

The Broken Doll was a gloomy pub on the outskirts of Newcastle that usually put on indie bands. They had a small stage upstairs and this is where The Mourning After performed every time they played the pub.....on these occasions the 28/07/89 and 07/04/90....
Other 60s influenced groups who played The Broken Doll were The Offhooks, The Sinister Urge, The Thanes, The BeatPack and Dead Flowers.

The Tripmakers were a French band that came over for a few gigs. I'm sure they supported The Mourning After in Edinburgh a few days earlier.

The poster/flyer was inspired by a Pebbles cover of course and the wording 'Love Special Delivery' (abbreviation LSD) was knicked from the song recorded by 60s garage band The Fire Escape.

The Riverside was a much bigger venue that attracted professional bands, usually those that had just signed to a record label or were very much part of the 80s underground. The Fuzztones gig poster 29/05/90 gave me the opportunity to plagiarize lyrics from The Standells song 'Riot On Sunset Strip' with 'Long hair seems to be the main attraction' and 'They're causing a riot'.... it was probably lost on everyone who saw it.

Those days my a.k.a. was conception or opulent conception. (not EXPO67)