THE HUNG JURY - 'Buses'/'Let The Good Times In' (Colgems 66-1010) Oct 1967

Colgems unknowns The Hung Jury released this puzzling 45 in October 1967. Nothing much has been written about the combo and no guides list the record, so all in all they've had scant recognition. This is a shame because 'Buses' is a memorable sunshine pop tune and has that perfect summer of '67 sound with pleasing vocals and tinny organ.
'Buses' then bursts out of the sunshine and into the darkness with a twenty second thrill ride of controlled fuzz guitar. A complete and welcome surprise.

The songwriting team of Parker and Moeller wrote 'Buses'...Thomas Moeller was the keyboardist in UK beat group Unit 4+2 and they wrote most of their strongest material. The producer Chris Houston (surname more often Huston) was lead guitarist in another English group The Undertakers.


A full page advert in Billboard October 1967 signalled the beginnings of The Hung Jury. Colgems seemingly had more in store for them but this was their first and last release.


  1. Wiggy! I'd only known this track by the Dutch 60's band Sharks & Me who released a 45 of it (and it popped up on the Rubble volume dedicated to 60's Dutch tracks).

  2. Thanks Wilthomer for the tip off. I would never have noticed.

  3. Hey Col / Bill...Yeah I love this track too, and the Sharks n Me version...and I think actually the Hung Jury flip is kinda cool too, great to see that pic adv for them too, nice posting, cheers for now Zzzzzz Lenny

  4. Interestingly, the Sharks & Me 45 had the same flip as well!!!

  5. The Hung Jury also released one 45 for Atlantic under the name The Trav'lers. "The Heart of Juliet Jones/ Shadow of Defeat" Atlantic 2398, 1967. The Atlantic record was released before the Colgems record. After that, this group seems to have disappeared. Too bad, both records are great.


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