GRAF ZEPPLIN - 'You're In My Mind'/'Sunset' (Orlyn 8140-4588) June 1968

This group of teenagers from Oak Park, Illinois formed in late 1966 and came up with the name Graf Zepplin after seeing a 1930 postage stamp commemorating the German aircraft. Drummer Dave Green mis-spelled zeppelin on his drumkit but fortunately the group stuck with Graf Zepplin (I think it looks cooler anyway).

In March 1968 Graf Zepplin won a Battle Of The Bands out on Navy Pier, Lake Michigan, their prize being some free recording time at Recordings Unlimited Studio in Chicago.

'You're On My Mind' written by farfisa organist Bob Blumenthal would have been a moody garage number but the sound engineer added some wild sound effects from an oscillator which completely transformed the song into a classic psych mindbender.
The flip 'Sunset' is a mellow trippy folk ballad and quite charming it is too.
500 records were pressed and were given away to friends and sold at gigs. Copies are now sought after.

I don't have an original copy so I've mastered my 'garage greats' bootleg to MP3. 

Gary Knaus - rhythm guitar
John Armour - lead guitar & lead vocals
Bob Blumenthal - farfisa
Bill Steed - bass
Dave Green - drums

GRAF ZEPPLIN - You're In My Mind

label scan - Bosshoss66
Group picture and info taken from the 'zine 'Lost And Found #3'


  1. Now the whole world knows that I'm a poor speller!!! Dave Green.


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