GENE CLARK - 'Only Colombe'/'The French Girl' (Sundazed 192) rec April 1967

Yesterday's posting of 'The French Girl' by The Daily Flash got me thinking about the very obscure take that Gene Clark recorded in April 1967. His version was slated as the B-side of 'Only Colombe' for a single release to maintain his profile after the disappointing reception of the studio album 'Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers'.

Unfortunately, the single was cancelled and Gene Clark left Columbia Records. The recordings were produced by Gary Usher and arranged by the legendary Curt Boettcher with vocal support by his group The Ballroom. The same collection of musicians worked with Tommy Roe when he recorded 'Moon Talk', reviewed previously on my site.

Both songs would remain unheard until 1991 when a posthumous CD collection of Gene's work was released shortly after he died at the age of 46. Those fine folks at Sundazed released this excellent retrospective 45 in 2008 using the mono mixes.

GENE CLARK - The French Girl


  1. To be honest I never quite understood why Gene needed to record this song. Surely, he had many other self-penned songs he could record... Perhaps he was unsure if he could write a hit after "Echoes" had been a commercial failure? I don't really think the lyrics own up to what Gene was capable of. But "Only Columbe", on the other hand. Truly great stuff.

  2. I guess I never paid attention, as I had always thought this was a Gene Clark composition. In fact, I ended up here after hearing The Daily Flash version and realizing I needed to check my facts. Gene certainly gave it a great sound. The thought of more Clark/Boettcher/Usher recordings being hidden in the Columbia vault kind of makes me want to get one of those black catsuits and a ski-mask and break in to said vault. If I only knew where that vault is...


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