FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - 'Liza Jane'/'Witness People' (Colgems 66-5003) April 1969

The Fountain Of Youth were a teen group from Fredericksburg, Texas who previously recorded as The Crossfires releasing the following 45:  'Who'll Be The One'/'Making Love Is Fun' (Tower 278)... They came to the attention of the Colgems label who signed them in March 1968 (there is a mention in a Billboard magazine from this time)..

Looking at the promo pic of The Fountain Of Youth it shows the teenagers to be a clean cut, square looking combo in psychedelic shirts. By the time of this single, their 4th for Colgems,  I'd be surprised if they looked as wholesome as this.

'Liza Jane' was released in April 1969 and is typical bubblegum pop of that time period. The jewel is the heavy psych flip 'Witness People'... There isn't that much information around about The Fountain Of Youth but they seemingly had a lead singing drummer!
Richard Podolor produced their Colgems singles. He also worked with psych outfit The Glass Family, The Starfires, The Standells, The Chocolate Watch Band and many more I'm sure. 

Jimmy Panza (lead vocals & drums)
Gary Itri (bass & vocals)
Gary Jenschke (lead guitar & vocals)
Ken Molberg (rhythm guitar & vocals)

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - Witness People


  1. Ken Molberg (the guy with the glasses) had left the band at this point and isn't featured on this song. He's a lawyer now.

  2. Ken Molberg is a Judge in Dallas.

  3. I went to high school with all four of these men. I knew them well. I just found out today that Gary Itri (second from left) has passed away.

  4. Thanks for letting me know that Gary Itri has died.


  6. Richie Podolor also produced the Tower single (as Richie Allen). Richie recorded a couple of pretty good surf albums on Imperial, as Richie Allen, in the early 1960s.

  7. The days of The Fountain of Youth (Crossfires) were so much fun. My brother Gary Itri is missed so much.
    Felicia Itri York

  8. They just completed a Kickstarter to get their music out on CD and LP


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