THE DAILY FLASH - 'The French Girl'/'Green Rocky Road' (UNI 55001) January 1967

Back in the 60s Seattle was the centre of a regional rock scene and perhaps The Daily Flash were one group from that scene who had the talent to break out nationally. The fact that they failed is a mystery.

They relocated to Los Angeles in 1966 and made a name for themselves playing numerous gigs at The Whiskey A Go Go. The group even secured performances on TV shows, Boss City and The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

'The French Girl' was released during late January 1967 but made little impression in most areas apart from Seattle where it went Top 10. It's such a great baroque pop highlight and deserved a better fate.
Surprisingly, it's only been compiled once before, way back in 1988 on the vinyl LP Baubles collection put out by Big Beat.   

THE DAILY FLASH - The French Girl

this pic taken from here

KRLA Beat 13/08/66

this pic taken from my Daily Flash album on Psycho Records


  1. Actually, there's a 1985 release on Psycho Records, I Flash Daily, that has The French Girl, and a new CD coming out by The Daily Flash, that has it as well. By the way, if you want to use those photos from our website, please give credit for them. They are copyrighted by Jini Dellaccio. Thanks

  2. I know about the Psycho Records release from the 80s, that's where the pink photo comes from. I own the LP.
    Link provided for the one picture that was sent to me by someone else.

  3. Apart from the cool Psycho album, there are some ace Daily Flash tracks (in mono!) on a neat coloured vinyl EP on Sundazed. The Greek magazine "Time" did an interview with them and on the free
    CD there is a cover of CC Rider by the 'Flash from '66.


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