CHER - 'Where Do You Go'/'See See Rider' (Liberty 66136) October 1965

In 1965 there was only one 'Queen of the Sunset Strip' and that was Cher. She famously beat The Byrds in the sales market with 'All I Really Want To Do' a few months earlier but her follow up 'Where Do You Go' slumped and didn't reach the Top 40 in England and was therefore considered a flop.

The flip side is the far superior 'See See Rider'. I've heard this song many times by numerous groups, none finer than The Animals take, but I've got huge respect for this folk rock/girl group hybrid version that really proves Cher was hip and so was Sonny Bono for that matter. He gets the arranger and producer credit and he creates a real turned on Phil Spectoresque wall of sound.

'See See Rider' was recorded at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood with the best sessionmen from Los Angeles. Certainly no expense spared on this one.

CHER - See See Rider


  1. Love your blog, fantastic choice of tunes. Any chance of trading links? our podcast is very eclectic - covers garage, punk, jazz, funk, R&R, rock and roll, indie rock, weird instrumentals and all sorts of other oddities.

  2. This is quite an awesome version of the song. The fact that Cher did this just adds to the awesomeness.


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