BOB MORRISON - 'Hey! Puppet Man'/'I Looked In The Mirror' (Columbia 4-43451) Dec 1965

This is such a fantastic double sided record by Bob Morrison.
Columbia Records signed him for a run of singles and with his clean cut image I think the label were aiming him at the teener market. Perhaps both sides of this disc written and arranged by Bob Morrison took them by surprise.

'Hey! Puppet Man' is garage pop heaven with killer fuzz throughout, there's no let up and this side really rips. But, I'm in a folk-rock mood at the moment so I'm featuring the flip 'I Looked In The Mirror'.
This side is a slow paced moody folk rock tune and is a pure mystical loner trip. Bob sounds really pissed off with his lot on this one. Either way, the listener gets two sides of perfection.

A couple more singles on Columbia followed but not with the vibe of this debut. He then signed to Monument in late 1968 and began writing songs for other artists, mainly AOR.

A solo album did follow in 1971 but I've not heard it.

Columbia discography:
'Hey! Puppet Man'/'I Looked In The Mirror' (Columbia 4-43451)
'I Fall To You'/'Then Suddenly' (Columbia 4-43565)
'I'm In The Place'/'Wait' (Columbia 4-43726)
'The Work Song'/'Go Away' (Columbia 4-44009)

BOB MORRISON - I Looked In The Mirror

Billboard advert December 1965

Billboard advert January 1966


  1. This is amazing!!! Colin thanks, I am gonna find the 45 on ebay now!

  2. Very cool Colin. I can add one more 45 to the discography "The Work Song"/"Go Away" Columbia 4-44009, neither side is very good.

  3. Thanks Dan - Discography updated

  4. What a great song, it's one of those records a person could easily overlook.

  5. I haven't visited blogland too often in the last few months, so I'm catching up...
    Wow, I finally get to see Bob Morrison.
    The thing is, long before I heard this I was familiar with an Italian cover of it!!!
    I POOH released as a 45 in 1967 and icluded it in their debut LP, one of the best Beat Italiano albums.
    Unfortunately soon after they suffered changes in the line-up and they became one of the worst and most famous bands ever, trust me, I'm Italian!

    here's a link to hear it:

  6. A brazilian band called Os Cleans did a great cover of this song, called Estarei Com Voce
    cheers from Argentina,


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