TOMMY ROE - 'Sweet Sounds'/'Moon Talk' (ABC 45-10933) May 1967

Another two songs were extracted from the album 'It's Now Winter's Day' and this single faired even worse than the previous one. 'Sweet Sounds' did not dent the charts and so the amazing pop psych flip 'Moon Talk' was probably heard be very few people.

'Moon Talk' in my opinion is perfect lysergic lyte pop and one of the numerous examples of the incredible and esoteric production skills of Curt Boettcher. His studio work was on a higher elevation during the '67-'68 period.

Tommy Roe was also fortunate to have stellar backing from guitarist Mike Deasy and session regulars Ben Benay, Toxie French and Jerry Scheff who later recorded the psychedelic Goldenrod LP.
Ballroom members Jim Bell and Michele O’Malley and future Millennium members Lee Mallory and Sandy Salisbury were also studio cohorts.

TOMMY ROE - Moon Talk


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