TOMMY ROE -'It's Now Winters Day'/'Kick Me Charlie' (ABC 10888) January 1967

Tommy Roe is probably best remembered for his hits like 'Hooray For Hazel' and 'Sweet Pea' but in late '66 his eyes began to see day-glo colours, just like most musicians and performers and his new experimental sound is now considered to be soft psych heaven.

'It's Now Winters Day' written by Roe and produced by Our Productions (Curt Boettcher and Steve Clark) was taken from the album of the same name. Sales were mediocre despite the lavish production and was regarded as a flop. The flip 'Kick Me Charlie' dates from mid 1966 and is a harmonica driven rocker with some pounding bass and crunching guitar.

TOMMY ROE - Kick Me Charlie

Billboard advert - March 1967

Billboard advert January 1967


  1. It's now winters day is a great song very underated! thanks for the post!!


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