THE CITY ZU - "Eeny Meeny" / "Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast" (Dot 45-17166) Nov 1968

'Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast' is a fast paced sitar sounding psychedelic rocker by The City Zu, a competent bunch of musicians from Bellevue, Washington. During their recording career they released three singles with this side being by far their most experimental.

As it seems with most of the records I'm spotlighting this month the best side just happens to be the neglected B-Side. This cut was produced by Ray Ruff who had previously worked with Fargo ('Sunny Day Blue'/'Robins, Robins') and it was written by Los Angeles session guitarist Jerry Cole. He had left his licks on many 60s hits and even cut his own psychedelic albums with groups he formed in '66/'67 called The Id and The Animated Egg.

The Ray Ruff and Jerry Cole connection was further enhanced when they set up their own label in 1969 called Happy Tiger Records.

I saved this promo pic from a sale on ebay a couple of years ago. Too bad I don't have an original.

band pic downloaded from The City Zu website. More great photos available but sadly at low res.


  1. Good post, but Jerry Cole and Ruff didn't form Happy Tiger, they came in later, Ruff as a producer, Cole as a sideman and recording artist.

  2. Thanks for you information Jason...

  3. My sister worked with Doug Heath's girlfriend in Bellevue in 65-66. She use to tell me about City Zu gigs at Lake Hills Roller Rink in Bellevue and The Happening in Downtown Seattle.


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