THE SUNSHINE COMPANY - 'Back On The Street Again'/'A Year Of Janie Time' (Liberty 15034) Oct 1967

The phrase sunshine pop couldn't be any more apt to describe the lyte flower power sounds of the classic 'Back On The Street Again'.... The Sunshine Company formed in Los Angeles during 1967 and combined their soft vocal harmonies with the folk rock sound to produce two and a bit minutes of perfect harmony pop.
You may note that this German release is an edited version with a faded outro.

Comparisons with The Mamas And The Papas were inevitable but the group were quick to distance themselves from that outfit during an interview with KRLA Beat.

Leader Maury Manseau stated:

"I think the comparison is valid only in the fact that both of us are vocal groups. But then - it's not really that either, because we do our own instrumentals all the time, and they have a band behind them. I think we've got our own thing and it's different." 

'Back On The Streets Again' was a hit and work poured in. They appeared on TV Shows Joey Bishop, Woody Woodbury and The Laugh In. Maybe one day tapes of these performances will show up on You Tube.
The Sunshine Company also recorded a vocal backing for a Clairol TV Commercial.

Compilation appearances have been rare (they won't appeal to the fuzz and farfisa crowd) but this song surfaced on Nuggets Volume 10 (Rhino Records) back in the mid 80s.

Guitarist Douglas Mark was previously a member of The Grains Of Sand.

This pic of The Sunshine Company adorned the back of their Liberty LP issued in England in 1968. It possibly shows them running for the next bus to the Sunset Strip. In my younger days I ran for the odd bus wearing cuban heels just like those the guys have on and I can tell you that it can become a tad tricky! 


  1. THATS MY MOM!!!! go figure Im going to LA Harbor college and in the same music department where they all met... makes me feel pretty awesome to be walking in her footsteps where this all began :)

  2. I loved their music. Your mom is/was great and youy can tell herr ho much we loved their sound. Im 64 but I have the memories!!

  3. Brilliant, brilliant song of a long-ago time. It is like a time capsule of the hippie days. Unfortunately, the band needed an editor on this cut. The wordy "Once I used to think that the world belonged to me" lyric midway through the song should've been "Once I thought that the world belonged to me". It would've flowed much better.


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