PAUL MESSIS - 'Time Will Tell'/'When You Pass Me By' (State Records THS-005) Oct 2010

This goes out to those of you who haven't discovered the genius of Mr Paul Messis yet... This is Paul's third terrific 45 in a row (his previous two have been reviewed and can be found in the archives) and continues his run of melancholic themes of isolation, lonliness and in the case of 'Time Will Tell', unrequited love. 

This record is SO great it's difficult for me to know where to start. How about the label? Well, it's unfussy and pure 60s right down to the State Records logo which for those of you who haven't sussed, is a homage to the Fenton label out of Michigan. These State guys know exactly how to create a purist label.

'Time Will Tell' sends shivers down my spine with it's majestic opening 12 string jangle. The yearning, love lorn words are neatly held together by this Byrdsian sonic delyte and Mole's perfectly responsive backbeat.
An excelent promo video of the song filmed in super cool black & white, shot on location around various Medway Towns in Kent can be found on Paul's website Paul Messis - Garage Punk Unknown

'When You Pass Me By' has a similar lyrical theme but is a fierce fuzz punker.

There is a planned LP release sometime in 2011 with the working title of 'The Problem With Me'. Paul has already informed me that the recordings are now finished and he is proud of his achievements. Of course these recordings would not nearly be as good without the crucial help from Marty and Mole from The Higher State.

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All three singles can be bought direct from Mole via his Ebay Store here

PAUL MESSIS - Time Will Tell

lookin' like a moody P.F. Sloan


  1. Thanks very much Colin, its a lovely write up.

  2. One of the best new things I've heard in ages.... nice post Colin and nice tune Paul!

  3. Cheers Col - really appreciate your continued support! It's very encouraging to have our gear right alongside such luminaries as The Roosters and a billion other hip dudes!


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