THE MAGICIANS - 'Lady Fingers'/'Double Good Feeling' (Columbia 4-44061) 1967

New York group The Magicians are perhaps best known for their classic 'An Invitation To Cry' but even the greatness of that recording failed to give them the hit it deserved. Thankfully many more people were able to hear the song via the original Nuggets LP.

One of THEE very best psych tinged folk rock records was 'Lady Fingers' recorded in January 1967 and released as their final single on Columbia (after it flopped The Magicians were dropped by the label).
Written by Magicians Alan Gordon and Garry Bonner 'Lady Fingers' is an absolute jewel complete with complex and sublime harmonies.

THE MAGICIANS - Lady Fingers


  1. Yes, beautiful sound.

  2. Surely my fave Magicians (though About My Love, And I'll Tell The World, I'd Like To Know are worthy) record. By the way I like the versions by Bobby Darin and Barracuda too. Were there more?


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